His authentic and relatable style delights audiences. Rich has a contagious heart for Christ and a palpable love for people. Those who listen to him experience his compassion and enthusiasm for life. Rich knows what it takes to be on lifelong journey of faith. He encourages others to feel feelings, face life’s challenges, and learn from their missteps. Audiences enjoy Rich’s playful and no nonsense approach to life. Christians as well as those curious about God are drawn to advance their relationship with God. Rich is committed to individuals multiplying their talents and maximizing their potential. Allow Rich to “Awaken” your next conference, meeting, service or event.

Rich Blue

Be surprised by the top 3 things that Jesus cares about Learn how Jesus uses authenticity to transform relationships. Find a sense of belonging in your relationships. Add aliveness to your life: Embrace your yearnings and your feelings. Be Jacob: Mix it Up with God Discover how God seeks a good fight of faith with you. Find what is worth you fighting for Grappling with God: Living Life on the Edge
Surprised by God: Who is the God above God? Most popular topics include:
Authentic Spirituality: Being the Real Deal
Jesus wasn’t always nice—see why he had the courage to tell the truth. Christ was transformational--He was true to himself and lived genuinely in the here and now. Learn about incarnational ministry—embodying the faith, hope and love of Jesus.
Experiencing the Heart of Christ—The Power of Feelings
Experience your feelings and discover what you yearn for. Learn to speak the language of the heart--feelings Turbo charge your relationships—the fast-track to intimacy.
Counterfeit Christianity—Don’t Settle for an Imitation
Transformational Truth—How to powerfully use the Blue Funnel of Truth Content vs. Process Truth: Feelings before Facts Experience the transformational power of experiencing and expressing your feelings. Get to the truth at the bottom of your heart.
CLICK TO CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION: Wrestle with what is authentic faith. Identify the faith that pleases God. Learn what Jesus really love--Getting out of our heads in into our hearts? Experience how we can let the Holy Spirit loose! Learn how to live by faith consciously in the here and now. Avoid being a victim of life. Learn the difference between self pity and self love. Shift from victimhood to victorious conscious living. Leave Drama at the Movies: Living a Principled Life.

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