As a Christian counseling and coaching center we are dedicated to seeing each person grow in the grace and knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. We are committed to providing cutting-edge, dynamic, and effective support to those who want to live great lives including meaningful relationships, service-filled satisfying careers, and deep fulfilling faith. We look to inspire ourselves and our clients to become our most Christ-like selves. We do our best to practice what we preach; each of our therapists is dedicated to their own personal transformation and spiritual growth. The Center for Christian Life Enrichment (CLE) seeks to be a refuge for those who have been hurt by disingenuous, dogmatic, judgmental, and legalistic forms of religion. We have high regard for the relationship of each individual to God and trust the Spirit and the truth to guide each person in their life’s direction.
The mission of 2nd Order Ministries (2nd OM) is to promote new perspectives on the essence of Christlike faith and propose new models for spiritual development. We empower pastors to inspire faith, promote spiritual renewal, and facilitate spiritual maturity in their communities. 2nd OM is dedicated to fostering the transformational growth and development of pastors, parishioners, and their congregations, both in the United States and in third-world countries. We foster spiritual maturity by combining the principles and practices of authentic Christianity with proven strategies for human development. Rich and 2nd Order Ministries is working with Pastors and Churches in the United States and Costa Rica. He is ministering to leaders who are committed to holistic ministry throughout Central and South America. These pastors and their congregations are dedicated to serving everyone in their communities with the love of Christ and exercising a special concern for the poor. The picture shows my dear friend, Roy Soto, who is the Senior Pastor of Shalom Church Fraijanes, Costa Rica. Roy represents pastors through whom 2nd Order Ministries has worked to support the staff, lay leaders, and parishioners. Rich has served Shalom supporting them to grow in their understanding of social and emotional intelligence, conflict resolution skills, and their care and counseling ministry. Rich and 2nd Order Ministries teach, train, and join the church in sharing the love of Christ in their communities. This is incarnational ministry at its best—embodying the love and compassion of Christ to serve others. This approach integrates dedication to discipleship, worship, denouncing injustice, service and way of life evangelism.

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