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People are hungry and fearful. They are seeking truth and authenticity. They are longing for meaning and purpose. They are seeking nourishment and satisfaction. Increasingly, people are moving away from relationships. They are seeking accomplishments, activities, entertainment, and pleasure without experiencing lasting meaning and authentic relationships.
Rich is a source of truth, encouragement and inspiration.
Rich helps people find the hope that comes from authentic faith in God and Christ.
Rich helps people see that living life abundantly is about living life by faith. Rich points people toward authentic relationships with:
Rich offers people a vision for what is possible:
Supporting people to discover and be their most authentic selves.
We are dedicated to connecting people with God. We want them to experience and express the love of God with themselves, with their community, and with the world.


We focus on truth and authenticity Life is lived best in the here and now.


We equip and empower people to be becoming their most Christlike selves and maximizing their divine potential. We enhance human and spiritual development through integrating the most powerful psychological theories and tools in combination with the truth and principles of Christianity.
Rich Blue is the founder and clinical director of the Center for Christian Life Enrichment (CLE). CLE is a Christian counseling practice located in Northbrook, IL. Hailing from northern California, Rich attended the University of California Berkeley where he was captain of the Cal Rugby team. During his seven years on staff with a non-denominational Christian ministry for college students, he met his wife, Sue, to whom he has been married for over 35 years. Sue and Rich are the proud parents of two adult children and happy grandparents to Vivienne and Barrett. Rich graduated with honors from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he received his M.A. in psychology and counseling. He is also an ordained minister with the Full Gospel Fellowship. Adding to his accomplishments, Rich is currently pursuing his Ed.D with the Wright Graduate University. Rich’s doctoral research is focused on the role of faith in human and spiritual development. Known for his insight, compassion, and no-nonsense approach to therapy, Rich believes that Christ has infinite love for all and that each of us can be a vehicle for his love. Rich’s continued zeal for athletic competition, along with his love for Christ and his family, has driven him to live a joy-filled life of dedication, purpose and passion which he is excited to share with you through his writing. Safety Belonging Meaning To matter To live a life of faith—living into a life of love and abundance To mature into the image of Christ Begins with knowing ourselves Begins with learning to love and accept ourselves Building relationships built on truth and trust Truth Creating A Caring Community Characterized by: Awakening our yearning to



Core Values
Building Authentically Caring Relationships

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